L3518S1204-T5X5-A50 德國Nanotec直線步進電機-35系列

Compact linear actuator in size NEMA 14 (35 mm) with extremely high positioning speed, short positioning time and high thrust and tensile force. Thanks to its integrated linear guide, it allows for high-precision feeding without additional mechanical components.

Please note:

  • The force and output power ratings listed in the data sheets are based on a duty cycle of approx. 10% to 20% and must be reduced for higher values.
  • Moving against fixed limit stops should be avoided.


推力(N):85 N
速度(mm/s):200 mm/s
機身長度(mm):34 mm
法蘭尺寸(mm):35 mm
可選驅動器 / 控制器:

CL3-E - Motor controller for CANopen, Modbus RTU or USB




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