L5918L3008-T10X2 德國Nanotec直線步進電機-57系列

Linear actuator in size NEMA 23 (56 mm) with high thrust and tensile force. Low-friction PEEK bushing, long service life and nut in the front bearing flange for greater compensation of the axial play. Micro-stepping drives of the SMCI series offer resolutions of up to 0.005 mm/step. Also available with mounted encoder for position feedback. Ideally suited for precision linear axes.

Please note:

  • The force and output power ratings listed in the data sheets are based on a duty cycle of approx. 10% to 20% and must be reduced for higher values.
  • Moving against fixed limit stops should be avoided.
  • Matching lead screws can be found in the accessories list of the selected product.


推力(N):1000 N
速度(mm/s):80 mm/s
機身長度(mm):76 mm
法蘭尺寸(mm):57 mm
可選驅動器 / 控制器:

CL3-E - Motor controller for CANopen, Modbus RTU or USB




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